Fuck yeah to the kids who feel like they’re dying inside but still gather up the strength to roll out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house. You are strong and beautiful and worth so much more than you know. 

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Z is just a sideways N

pls stop it


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Here’s to her


Here’s to the girl that made it from season 1 to season 8

Here’s to the girl that bled for the Winchesters just as much as she made them bleed

Here’s to the girl that was always the distraction for the monsters

Here’s to the girl who had sass to spare

Here’s to the girl who took the time to listen to Sam

Here’s to the girl who told Sam to run while she stayed behind

Here’s to the girl who had an impossible unicorn

Here’s to Meg Masters


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my friend did a psychology class in high school and came to my house and diagnosed my cat with depression 

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do NOT let anyone tell u that america is free, i tried to buy it once and it is in fact very very expensive

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napping together is my kind of date

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